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CD: Reiki Healing Journey by Llewellyn

CD: Reiki Healing Journey by Llewellyn

Total running time: 60 minutes

One CD
1 Ruby in Zoisite (Crystals)
2 Crown of Love (Reiki)
3 Opening Petals (Aromatherapy)
4 Twilight (Healing Massage)
5 Carnelian (Crystals)
6 By the Shore (Pure Peace)
7 A New Beginning (Pilates)
8 Elements (Tai Chi Vol 2)
9 Silver (Colour Healing)
10 Hidden Pathways (Reiki)
11 Amethyst (Crystals)
12 Base Chakra (Journey to the Temple) 
13 Sapphire Blue (Indian Head Massage)
14 Heart Chakra (Journey to the Temple)
15 Blue Lace Agate (Crystals)
16 The Secret Waterfall (Pure Relaxation)
17 The Sacred Oils (Aromatherapy)
18 Green (Colour Healing)
19 The Mother (Moonlore)
20 The Healing Wheel (Pilates)

The back of CD says: Reiki means Universal Lifeforce Energy and is a powerful form of hands on healing. Working closely with several Reiki Masters, Llewellyn has compiled a beautiful music album that creates the perfect enviroment for Reiki healing. Reiki Healing Journey is also cleverly mixed with 3 minute music sections to allow beginners to concentrate on the Reiki and ignore the clock. 

'Llewellyn has become a trusted name when listeners are looking for authentically healing, uplifting and relaxing music. When it comes to healing music ideal for professional therapists, student practitioners or anyone who wants to feel great, Llewellyn's recordings are first-choice and first-rate. 'Lynne Marshall, Mystic Living Today

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