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CD: Perfect Sleep

CD: Perfect Sleep

Total running time: 47 minutes

The tracks:
1 Evening Slumbers
2 The Healing Waters

Back of CD says: Created in such a way as to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and induce sleep, delicate continuous tones played on piano and guitars, produce an abstract sense to floating away. This music enhances the voyage into 'perfect sleep', peaceful yet creative. The mind is encouraged to wander and begin dreaming by music recorded in repeat cycles which create just enough hypnotic effect to lower the activity of the logical mind and instead appeal to the creative mind, the imagination.

Mastered for low volume use track 1 includes evening birdsong, known to help the natural rhythm of the body acknowledge that its is time to rest. 

Track 2 includes the calming sounds of a soft flowing stream, as we associate water with relaxation, holidays and fond memories, all of which assist sleep in a refreshing and positive way.

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