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Other Bits And Bobs

Other Bits And Bobs
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CD: Bali by Midori

Total running time: 53 minutesThe Tracks:1 Lake of Purity2 Forgotten Temple3 Spirits of the Mou..


CD: Celtic Sunset

This beautiful album gracefully blends Celtic melodies to evoke of an enigmatic place where time sta..


CD: Chakra Balancing

Total running time: 58 minutesOne CD1 Root - Embodiment (9.46)2 Sacral - Home of the self (9.19..


CD: Drums of a Nation by John Richardson

Total running time: 47 minutesOne CD1 Thunder Drums (23.48)2 Rainmaker (23.30)Back of CD says:&..


CD: Echoes Of The Andes

A vibrant and exciting album of contemporary songs that will take you on a journey to the beautiful ..


CD: Music for Healing by Stephen Rhodes

Total running time: 54 minutesThe Tracks:1 Angel of Healing2 Angelic Love3 Divine Surrender4 Pr..


CD: Native American Dream - Tribute to the Tribal Spirit

Total running time: 61 minutesThe Tracks:1 Spirit Dancer - Medwyn Goodall (from GREAT SPIRIT)2 ..


CD: Native American Nights by Niall

Total running time: 50 minutesTotal CDs: 1TTracks1. Blackfoot Fire2. Night Hawk Wing3. Kee..


CD: Perfect Sleep

Total running time: 47 minutesThe tracks:1 Evening Slumbers2 The Healing WatersBack of CD says:..


CD: Power Animals by Niall

Total running time: About 54 minutesTracks1. The Horse2. The Owl3. The Wolf4. The Eagle5. The B..


CD: Reiki Healing Journey by Llewellyn

Total running time: 60 minutesOne CD1 Ruby in Zoisite (Crystals)2 Crown of Love (Reiki)3 Openin..


CD: Spirit Of India

A kaleidoscope of Indian music that will take you from sunrise by the Ganges to sunset at the Taj Ma..


CD: Tibetan Journey - Zen Drumming

Total running time: 54 minutesThe Tracks:1 The Mystic's Cave2 Crossing the Himalayas3 Travellin..


CD: Tibetan Meditation by Phil Thornton

Total running time: 65 minutesOne CD1 Meditation (4.58)2 A Welcome Return (9.31)3 The View from..


Chakra Crystal Keyring

For this keyring a different crystal is used to represent each of the chakras. Each is chosen becaus..