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Incense Resin - Cathedral Mix (Prinknash Abbey)

Incense Resin - Cathedral Mix (Prinknash Abbey)

These are authentic church resins made by the monks at Prinknash Abbey. They export their incense worldwide and as such, these blends are used in churches all over the world. The recipes are top secret, so we cannot even tell you the exact ingredients. But frankincense forms the base. You will need to light a charcoal discs in a fireproof container. Once alight, sprinkle the resin onto the disc, and then relax and enjoy the aroma and smoke.

Contains: 5 charcoal disks. Weight of the incense only (excluding packaging and charcoal discs) is about 60 grams.

Safety note: Never leave unattended. Do not place container on flammable surface. Please be careful to let the charcoal disc go completely cold before disposing of it.

Prinknash Abbey is a community of twelve Benedictine monks. They live a life of monastic prayer, work, sacred reading, community life and hospitality. Prinknash is an old community, and after many wanderings eventually settled in Prinknash Park in 1928.

The monks have developed unique processes for blending the purest Arabian frankincense with precious aromatic oils and spices and created superior recipes for a range of incenses. The blends are made from long established and very secret recipes. Decades of care in the blending of these incenses have ensured their excellence and constant demand.

When you smell these resin incense blends they will often bring to mind the sacred and prayerful atmosphere in churches, abbeys and cathedrals.

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