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Tibetan Gangchen Incense - Pack of 12 boxes

Pre-Order Tibetan Gangchen Incense - Pack of 12 boxes

A complete selection of Tibetan incenses for every occasion and purpose. This pack contains 12 packets of different flavours as follows; Vajrayogini, Kuru Kulle, Zambala, Padmasambhava, Kalachakra, Spiritual Home, Mahakala, Sandalwood, Tara, Milarepa, Spiritual Guide and Chenrezig.

Each flavour is also available individually.

Incense has always held an important place in Tibetan culture. Offered to the divinities, it is continuously used to purify the environment and aid relaxation and meditation. Still today, it is produced exactly according to the ancient recipes of Tibetan Lama healers. Discovered recently by the western world, the traditional Tibetan healing system is based on holistic methods to cure both the body and mind, relying exclusively on natural remedies and the power of prayer. 

Tibetan incense is different from others produced in the Orient. It is not composed of a mixture of essential oils but from precious woods mixed with other natural ingredients found in the Himalayan region. This incense is produced entirely by hand. 

Pre-Order only - approx. delivery time: 10 working days.

Each box contains: 20 sticks, wooden incense holder and a brochure

Approximate burning time: 65 minutes

Origin: Nepal

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