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Chakra Pendant - Base/Root Chakra

Material: Sterling Silver & GoldDimensions: Diameter across width of base chakra pendant is abou..


Chakra Pendant - Crown Chakra

Material: Sterling Silver & Amethyst CentreCrown chakra details:Time/Space Thought (etheric) All..


Chakra Pendant - Heart Chakra

Material: Made from sterling silver with 14 carat gold accent centreDimensions: Diameter across widt..


Chakra Pendant - Sacral Chakra

Material: Made from sterling silver with 14 carat gold accent centre. Dimensions: Diameter acro..


Chakra Pendant - Solar Plexus

Material: Sterling Silver & GoldSolar Plexus chakra details: Represents the Level of Physio..


Chakra Pendant - Third Eye

Material: Sterling Silver & GoldThird Eye chakra details: Location: Between the eyebrows / ..


Chakra Pendant - Throat Chakra

Material: Sterling Silver & GoldThroat chakra details:Represents the Level of Psychology/MindLoc..


Crystal Jewellery - Amethyst Set

Healing: Extremely soothing. Good for psychic and spiritual development, meditation, stress rel..


Crystal Jewellery - Black Obsidian Set

Healing purposes: Dissolves trauma, shock and negative energies. Soothing to touch and useful w..


Crystal Jewellery - Carnelian Set

Healing: This intricate stone aids concentration, so wonderful when worn in examinations. It is..


Crystal Jewellery - Chrysocolla Howlite Set

Healing: Good at relieving sinus troubles, this stone is highly clarifying. Also fantastic for ..


Crystal Jewellery - Goldstone Set

Healing: This warm stone is fantastic at generating pain relief and aiding astral travel. First beli..


Crystal Jewellery - Hematite Set

Healing: This grounding stone is wonderful for improving personal relationships. Wear around th..


Crystal Jewellery - Opalite Set

Healing: A stone for faithful lovers. Dissolves sadness and brings about warmth. It picks up li..


Crystal Jewellery - Quartz Set

Healing: A universal healer from blood pressure to heartache, this light reflecting stone makes an i..