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Mexican Wall Plaques - Juego De Pelota Plaque

Mexican Wall Plaques - Juego De Pelota Plaque

The Deadly Ballgame. The ballgame was played all over Mesoamerica, usually taking place in a purpose built court. The exact rules are unknown although some early Spanish drawings and some ancient ceramic engravings have survived. Some of the courts have rings along the sides suggesting a basketball like game whereas others only have endzones and suggest a game more akin to rugby. Regardless, the game had strong symbolic and religious connotations and it was taken deadly seriously; at Chichén Itzá a stone engraving depicts the captain of the defeated team down on his knees with his head decapitated. 

Each one of these fascinating plaques has been hand crafted in Jalisco, Mexico and features an image of an armoured ball player in the centre, surrounded by the symbols of the Maya calendar. 

Approx: 28cm ∅ × 3cm 

Origin: Mexico


This product is entirely handmade and natural variations should be expected, goods received may differ in a number of ways from the picture shown, especially in regard to colours & patterns though other possible slight natural variations may occur. This should be seen as an asset not a fault – we believe it is better to have a unique item than mass conformity.

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